Self actualization is the pinnacle need as described by Maslow. You maximize the potential and do what you are best at. Fashion embraces the unknown and  the ambigous. It’s a journey to enjoy and create unconventional. It’s a path for growth and purpose. People who realize self actualization in the realm of fashion are not molded by culture. They make their own decisions. They are not perfect, they make mistakes but they enjoy the journey of unbeaten paths – Glovin Fashion Academy!

Our Team are: 

  1. Chief Executive Officer (Founder) – Mrs. Gloria Vincent
  2. Men Trainee – Mr. Peter Igwe
  3. Beginners Trainee – Mrs. Ishioma Collins 
  4. Customer Care Manager – Ms. Gloria Favour Victor
  5. Financial Service – Mrs. Blessing Osagada
  6. Maintenance Engineer – Mr. Elvis Edem Ebe